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Metal Electropolishing Services

Tecomet Inc. can provide titanium acid, stainless steel and nitinol electropolishing for industrial equipment. This process gets rid of both chemical and mechanical damage to remove irregularities, reduce sharp edges, and achieve a smooth, shiny, mirror-like finish. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, once the surface is devoid of crevices, your part will be safer since it will be free of contaminants that get trapped in rough surface edges. The process can also provide a uniform passive layer to enhance corrosion performance and biocompatibility, making the part last longer.

Many industries can benefit from having electropolished parts. A few industries include:

  • Medical & Surgical – electropolishing metal parts used in the medical industry ensures that tool used on patients are clean and safe
  • Dental - electropolishing will deburr dental equipment so that tools used on patients are free of sharp edges
  • Pharmaceutical – electropolishing can help prevent contamination and bacteria growth on machines that manufacture medications

These are just a few examples of the many industries that we are capable of servicing.

Electropolishing vs. Passivation

While both electropolishing and passivation services clean metal alloy tools and equipment, passivation is a chemical process, while electropolishing is a more aggressive, reverse plating process that uses electrical current and a chemical electrolyte bath to deep clean your part. Electropolishing has the ability to eliminate weld and heat treat discoloration, dissolve free iron, and more. These added benefits will make your part more durable, polished, and longer-lasting. These services can also be used together to achieve a superior finish.

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