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Stainless Steel Passivation Services

Passivation is a chemical treatment that removes particles and contamination left behind in the fabrication process. New stainless steel parts must be passivated prior to being placed in services so that your part is capable of forming a passive film on the cleaned surface, which will prevent corrosion and rust. Stainless Steel Passivation not only helps your industrial part achieve optimal performance but also extends the time between scheduled maintenances.

Industries that benefit from etched metal passivation services:

  • Medical & Surgical– passivation for medical devices cleans medical implants so that they are safe and free of metal oxides before use
  • Biopharmaceutical – passivation can remove residue to sanitize drug production equipment

Electropolishing vs. Passivation

While both passivation and electropolishing services clean and protect metal alloy tools and equipment, passivation is a less aggressive method that should be used when aesthetics are not necessary for a part. These services can also be used together to achieve a superior finish.

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