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Tecotex® Osseointegration Technology

Tecomet's patented, industry-leading Tecotex® process creates engineered 3-dimensional surface textures, optimizing the stability, fit, bone adhesion, and performance life of medical devices and orthopedic implants. Computer-aided design (CAD) and photochemical etching techniques are used to develop macro-peaks and cavities on the surface of the implant or device. The nature of chemical machining creates undercuts on the peaks and cavities, allowing the texture to have a robust grip. By applying fine, medium or coarse texture patterns, Tecotex strengthens the implant's adhesion ability and improves osseointegration.

Tecotex Medical Applications

Tecomet's 3-D etching processes have proven successful when used on many surfaces, including pure titanium, titanium alloys, and stainless steel. 3D etching can be applied to almost any surface configuration or complexity, including:

  • Spinal cages
  • Acetabular cups
  • Hip stems
  • Shoulder stems
  • Knee implants
  • Femoral & tibial components
  • Dental implant posts

Advantages of the 3-D Etching Process

Tecotex's 3-dimensional process is uniquely subtractive, which preserves the original datum surface and physical implant dimensions, while eliminating the risk of particulate matter sloughing off during surgery or fabrication. Other advantages of the Tecotex 3D etching process include:

  • Versatile application during or after implant production
  • Exceptional accuracy and uniformity between implants
  • Fidelity to the original texture pattern
  • Consistent performance during and after surgery
  • Room temperature processing that eliminates thermal risks & preserves metallurgical properties
  • Open clean surfaces that do not required final machining or removal of trapped contaminants

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