Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Surgical Broaches

Tecomet provides an innovative and advanced suite of design and manufacturing technologies to create etched surgical tools of the highest quality. Our expertise in working with metals that require special handling, such as titanium and nitinol, allows us to manufacture parts for specialty etched medical meshes. Our industry-leading team of experienced engineering professionals and manufacturing technicians create etched broach cutting instruments with limitless customization potential. Our patented Tecotex® process creates engineered 3-dimensional surface textures that are highly effective in bone removal. After broaches are machined, the photochemical etching process creates macro-peaks and cavities on the surface of the device. Undercuts on these features create the sharp points needed to efficiently remove material. 

Advantages of the 3-D Etching Process

Tecotex’s 3-dimensional process is uniquely subtractive, which preserves the original datum surface and physical implant dimensions, while eliminating the risk of particulate matter sloughing off during surgery or fabrication. Other advantages of the Tecotex 3D etching process include:

  • Versatile application during or after implant production
  • Exceptional accuracy & uniformity between implants
  • Fidelity to the original texture pattern
  • Consistent performance during surgery
  • Room temperature processing that eliminates thermal risks & preserves metallurgical properties
  • Open, clean surfaces that do not required final machining or removal of trapped contaminants

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