Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Metal Plating Etched Parts

Tecomet Inc. works with outside vendors to offer metal plating options for chemically etched parts. Plating gives etched components properties that are not found in the base material. For example, gold plating is commonly used to make components more electrically conductive, while tin-lead plating is used to make components solderable. Tecomet Inc. can offer the addition of plating with almost any of the parts that being chemically machined.

Plating Types

The following list contains types of plating that are commonly used in etched component plating:


Type I, II or III

  • MIL-G-45204
  • AMS 2422 D
  • ASTM B488


  • QQ-S-365
  • AMS 2410
  • AMS 2411
  • AMS 2412
  • ASTM B700

Nickel (Electro-less):

  • MIL-C-26074E
  • ASTM B733
  • AMS 2404D

Nickel (Electrolytic):

  • QQ-N-290
  • AMS 2424

Nickel (Sulfamate):

  • MIL-P-27418
  • AMS 2403


Type I (Bright or Dull)

  • MIL-T-10727
  • ASTM B545


  • MIL-P-81728
  • AMS-P-81728


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