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Collimators & Scatter Reduction Grids


Precision medical applications, including imaging and radiographic techniques, demand supporting technologies that can offer technicians and caregivers advanced levels of control and equipment responsiveness. Tecomet's precise etching process allows us to meet the demanding dimensional requirements of these parts.

collimators are integral parts of numerous medical imaging devices, including X-ray machines. By narrowing wave beams and permitting only those beams aligned in a specified direction to pass through, etched collimators can offer vast improvements in final image resolution. These higher resolution images support better diagnostics and help healthcare providers to optimize patient recovery and surgical success.

Scatter reduction grids, also known as anti-scatter grids, are used to limit the amount of radiation that can spread during the generation of a radiographic image. Like collimators, scatter reduction grids improve image resolution while reducing contrast and delivering superior image quality.

Advantages of Etching for Medical Imaging Parts:

Etching is the preferred manufacturing option for producing collimators and scatter reduction grids because of its precision, repeatability and cost effectiveness. Tecomet's proprietary etching process allows us to commonly hold tolerances of up to +/-0.0002” on grids as large as 22” x 22”. Because a phototool is used to print an image of the parts onto a panel, the same image is printed on to every part and the relationship of features to each other will always be the same. The etching processcreates burr-free products with no heat-affected zones. The etch process is more cost effective than other manufacturing methods because all features are chemically machined at the same time, as opposed to being individually cut by a laser or EDM.

The Tecomet Advantage

Since 1963, Tecomet has led the way in the net shape forging, precision machining, photochemical etching, complex assembly, and critical component joining industries. Following a long tradition of innovation, Tecomet is the first company in the world to offer 3D etching capabilities.

Our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams work closely with clients to develop production plans based on your unique needs and project specifications. Tecomet's state-of-the-art technologies deliver premium-quality products that meet or exceed all performance expectations. All of our medical products conform to demanding FDA quality control guidelines, as well as ISO 9001: 2015 industrial standards. Our collimators and scatter reduction grids further meet ISO 13485:2016 and AS 9100 standards.

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