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Trabeculite™ Porous Medical Implant

Tecomet boasts nearly 50 years of medical implant manufacturing, and also serves the telecommunications, aerospace, defense, energy, and technology industries. Our chemical machining and photochemical etching teams offer fast turnaround times to meet time and budget requirements and ensure total satisfaction at every project stage.    

Advantages of Tecomet Trabeculite™

Tecomet’s patented Trabeculite™ is a fully engineered, mesh-like implant that creates a customized porous This etched/stack-laminated trabecular metal structure delivers a range of proven benefits and features:

  • Lightweight design (densities as low as 0.68)
  • Porosities up to 85%
  • Cold-formed or hot-formed ductility
  • Machinability with a wire EDM (laser or water jet)
  • 3D-engineered custom components
  • Consistent performance during & after surgery
  • Exceptional accuracy & uniformity between implants

With Trabeculite, devices can be created during the bonding process that allow for never-before-achieved product results. This breakthrough in etching technology exemplifies Tecomet’s ability to solve unique challenges for healthcare providers and medical device OEMs.

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