Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Etched & Precision Parts Forming

Forming etched and precision parts is faster and more cost effective than producing parts through stamping, or other processes. There are large tooling costs associated with the stamping process, and Tecomet Inc. can save you time and money with our ability to form etched and precision parts. Tecomet Inc. can form prototype quantities as low as 5 parts, and larger production quantities for thousands of parts.

How are etched and precision parts formed?

The process to form etched and precison parts begins by chemical etching which is used to make flat blanks, and then either soft or hard tooling is used to bend parts into the appropriate formed dimensions. Our engineers are experienced in estimating band allowance in order to minimize iterations.


Here at Tecomet Inc., we have experience forming the following metal etched parts:


We also form other metals in thicknesses of 0.002” (0.050 mm) to 0.040” (1 mm).

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