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Spinal Surgery Components

spinal components

At Tecomet, we know our medical OEM clients have rigorous precision needs. To provide the superior spinal products and components our clients expect, we’ve developed proprietary etching processes that no other manufacturer can offer.

These high-quality processes allow Tecomet to manufacture a wide range of specialty medical products and devices., including spinal components. By the nature of the etch process, all spinal products are free of burrs and heat-affected zones, meeting and exceeding the most rigorous performance expectations. Nitinol clips and cervical plate retainers remain an area of expertise. Our proprietary nitinol etching process allows us to achieve tight -tolerances and precision edge control for spinal components. Tecomet also offers repeatable, non-random texturing for spinal implants through our proprietary Tecotex process. Tecomet is able to provide secondary component processing, including electropolishing and passivation.

Spinal Components and Products Process

Tecomet’s comprehensive, proven process for the manufacture of our etched spinal implant components begins with a thorough review of our clients’ needs and expectations. Our skilled and specially trained team leaders provide design feedback to improve manufacturability and reduce cost.  Process development and design review initiatives ensure that all products meet or exceed FDA and industry standards.

Carefully monitored clean rooms and advanced, automated visual inspection technologies allow us to ensure that our manufactured parts conform to our customers’ specifications and quality control expectations. Our team delivers high-quality results for these critical, live-saving devices every time.

To learn more about our processes for developing spinal components, request a quote or contact a Tecomet team member about your project. You can submit your inquiry using our secure online form and we will be in touch promptly to answer your questions. You may also reach us at 978-642-2400.


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