Chemical Machining & Etching Services

EMI and RF Shielding Manufacturer

Tecomet Inc. is a leading EMI shield and RF shield manufacturer. We are able to etch shielding products and shielding gaskets for the telecommunications, defense and electronics industry. The etching process can accurately produce dimensions while also adding half-etch bend lines to assist in the forming of the shields. The half-etch lines are unique to etching and enable the walls of shields to be formed in controlled areas eliminating a need for hard tooling.

The most common metals used for shields and gaskets are nickel-silver, stainless steel, and aluminum. Stainless steel and aluminum are often tin-plated so that they can be soldered onto a circuit board, but nickel-silver material can be soldered without additional plating. Tecomet Inc. has the common thicknesses of these materials in stock, and can ship shields with a standard lead time of two weeks.

If a customer is working on a prototype shield design, multiple design iterations can be produced at the same time for evaluation.

At Tecomet Inc., we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, meeting or exceeding your expectations and delivering parts that will perform well in unique applications. Contact Tecomet Inc. today for additional information on our etched EMI shielding products and RF shielding gasket capabilities.


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