Chemical Machining & Etching Services

All Types of Medical Instrument Etching

Tecomet Inc. offers precision, high quality chemical etching for all types of medical devices. We have earned a reputation for manufacturing medical components and devices that perform at and above expectations for the industry. Our expertise in working with metals that are difficult to process, such as titanium, nitinol and thin foils, allows us to manufacture parts for a wide range of medical devices, from surgical saw blades to meshes and implants. Titanium medical devices and medical instruments, as well as other medical etching devices, must be manufactured to a certain caliber and quality -- we offer all types of medical etching and we can proudly meet these device etching standards.

Capabilities of Medical Parts

We offer chemical etching for the following medical devices:

Surgical Blades & Orthopedic Cutting Tools Stents
Drug delivery Patches Spinal Products and Components
Aneurysm Prevention Devices Nitinol Clips and Springs
Flat-Wires for Catheters Etched Needles
Maxillofacial Meshes Orthodontic Components
Collimators & Scatter Reduction Grids Radar System/Traveling Wave Tubes
Tecotex Trabeculite
Tecogrip Tecomark

Our staff has the experience to work with you on your project from research, development and design through FDA approval. In addition to working with top medical device manufacturers, our etched products and components have received CE Mark and FDA approval for our customers. 

Tecomet Inc.’s innovative processes provide us with the capabilities to produce parts with excellent feature and tolerance control, even with metals that are difficult to etch. We have developed a propriety process for chemically etching nitinol that cuts the metal with the tight tolerance and edge control required for medical instruments. Parts manufactured by Tecomet Inc. are burr-free and have no heat-affected zones, ensuring low maintenance and high performance.  We can machine parts as thin as 0.0001 inches thick, up to 0.080 inches thick. Our production facilities include clean rooms and automated visual inspection equipment to ensure that the parts meet all industry, CE Mark and FDA standards. All our parts are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015.

At Tecomet Inc., we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, meeting or exceeding your expectations and delivering parts that will perform well in what can be life-saving applications for the medical industry.

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