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Nitinol Medical Devices

Tecomet Inc. is proud to be one of the few select companies in the world which offer nitinol, or NiTi, etching. Nitinol etching is new development in the etching sphere, and Tecomet Inc. continues to pioneer NiTi photochemical machining ever since becoming the first company to successfully etch nitinol material. The proprietary solution which we have developed cuts the nitinol with tight tolerance and edge control, in addition to the other advantages of chemical etching, such as no burrs and heat-affected zones. We keep a large amount of the nitinol material in stock so we can produce your parts with a quick turnaround.

Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy used widely within the medical industry because of its super-elasticity and biocompatibility, as well as its extraordinary shape memory. Such properties make nitinol implantable—a crucial characteristic of many medical devices. Nitinol chemical etching is currently used in applications such as cardiovascular stents, kink resistant guidewires, orthoscopic surgical devices which are minimally invasive, and self-locking orthopedic devices.

Nitinol Acid Etching for Medical Parts

Tecomet Inc. has a specific setup for producing all types of medical parts, including clean rooms and automated visual inspection equipment. We currently provide nitinol contract manufacturing for many of the top medical suppliers. Tecomet Inc.’s nitinol medical devices as well as other etched devices and components have received CE Mark and FDA approval and are commercially available. The company also has a history of working with projects from research and development through FDA approval and production.

The super-elastic properties of nitinol allow it to deform and return to its original shape without any change in temperature. Nitinol also has shape-memory, which means that the material can be deformed at one temperature and return to its original shape after being heated to its transformation temperature. Through shape-setting, the original shape of nitinol can be permanently changed.

Nitinol Material Composition
(Main Elements)

  • Nickel 55.9%
  • Titanium 44.0%
Common Uses
  • Super-elastic
  • Shape-Memory
  • Biocompatible
 Common Shapes
  • Tubes
  • Sheets
  • Wires
  • Medical

Tecomet Inc. Technology has an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable employees today about nitinol machining and chemical etching.


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