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Chemically Etched Telecom Components

Tecomet, Inc. chemically machines a large supply of shields, covers and fences for the telecommunications industry. Etching is often used to put half-etch bend lines in the flat shields to control wall height and location during forming. Telecommunication shields and covers are primarily etched from Nickel-Silver so that parts can be soldered onto a circuit board without additional plating. Parts can also be manufactured through Stainless Steel Etching and be tin-plated. For new applications, Tecomet Etch can use its etching knowledge to evaluate shield designs for manufacturability.

telecommunications industry etching

Telecommunications Components

Telecommunications components Tecomet Etch etches include

  • Shields
  • Covers
  • Fences
  • Filters
  • Shims

Telecommunications Material

At Tecomet Etch, we manufacture our telecommunications parts using the following materials:

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