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TecoMark™ Medical Device Marking

Tecomet is a proud provider of photochemical etching and machining processes for the medical, aerospace, technology, and defense industries. As part of our proprietary service offerings, we offer TecoMark titanium marking services: a precise, easy-to-read way of marking medical devices. With TecoMark, your state-of-the-art medical devices are as beautiful as they are innovative.

TecoMark Titanium Marking Benefits

Other marking methods can alter surface topography and be difficult to read. TecoMark’s unique selective anodizing technology produces a super-sharp image that is easy on the eyes. TecoMark titanium marking can be applied to most surface geometries. Additional advantages of our titanium marking services include:

  • Broad range of attractive color combinations
  • Bold, high-contrast images
  • Unlimited graphic possibilities
  • Ability to reproduce logos & symbols
  • Precision application for all types of titanium medical devices
  • Proprietary masking technology
  • Retention of native surface topography
  • Superior marking accuracy

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