Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Etched Leads & Lead Frame Etching

Tecomet Inc. lead frame etching for the electronics, communications and defense industries. The etching process is used because of the accuracy and repeatability required in leads and lead-frames. Etching is a cost effective method of creating the intricate features and can also perform a half-etch or partial etching in select areas, which is used for leads that need to have different heights.

Leads and lead frames are commonly etched from copper or brass, and occasionally stainless steel. In addition to etching the leads and lead frames, Tecomet Inc. offers plating and forming to meet customer specifications.

At Tecomet Inc., we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, meeting or exceeding your expectations and delivering parts that will perform well in unique applications. Contact Tecomet Inc. today for addtional information on our etched lead and lead frame etching capabilities.


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