Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Photo Chemical Machining Materials

Tecomet Inc. has a variety of photo chemical machining matierials and can photo-chemically etch most metals at thicknesses between 0.0001” and 0.070”. The type and thickness of the material used in chemical machining is important because it will have an affect on the components features and tolerances. The general rule with etching is that the smallest hole or slot can be 110% of the material thickness. For example, 0.010” thick stainless steel can have a slot that is 0.011” wide. The type of material is important because different materials require different etching chemistries. Additionally, the speed at which the material is removed by the solution, called the etch rate, also varies between metals and solutions.

Tecomet Inc. keeps a wide variety of photo chemical machining materials and thicknesses in stock, including nitinol. Customers can also supply their own material if that is preferred. If the customer is not sure what material to use, Tecomet Inc. can offer suggestions based on the design and application. See the materials we offer services for below.


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